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Buna-N O-Ring Cord Stock, 90 Duro

Buna-N O-Ring Cord Stock, 90 Duro

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Buna-N O-Ring Cord Stock, 90 Duro is a versatile product for creating seals for equipment in oily environments and in general purpose industrial applications. Buna-N O-Ring Cord Stock, 90 Duro is extruded in long continuous lengths and stocked in a wide range of sizes. 90 Shore-A Durometer is approximately the hardness of a shopping cart wheel, and is our hardest standard material.

  • Color: Black
  • Oil resistant
  • Tensile Strength: 1450 psi
  • Elongation: 100%
  • Operating temperature Range: -40 to +200 Deg F, +250 Deg F Intermittent
  • M7BG 910 B14 EO14 EzO34 F16 Compound
  • 50, 70 Shore-A durometer are also available
  • Can be bonded or vulcanized into custom ready to use o-rings

Price is per foot

Minimum order per Buna-N O-Ring Cord Stock, 90 Duro category is $60 plus shipping, minimum per size is $30

Contact us for quantities over 500ft, additional discounts may apply

Also see Buna-N 70 Durometer Cord in standard and metric sizes