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Molded Rubber Bumpers

Molded Rubber Bumpers

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Molded Rubber Bumpers protect loading and high traffic areas in warehouses, factories, parking garages, and mounted directly onto equipment. Available in a variety of molded shapes, these durable bumpers come with pre-drilled bolt holes for quick installation.

  • Molded Rubber Bumpers are suitable for indoor and outdoor protection
  • Made from fiber reinforced solid rubber 
  • Accepts 3/4" standard anchor bolts
  • All bumpers have impact recovery (ASTM 1170) of 95%, durometer 80 +/- 5
  • Protects against forklifts, gurneys, and construction equipment without damaging the vehicle.

First number in the size is width, followed by the length and the thickness in parentheses

Contact us for Molded Rubber Bumpers mounting patterns and drawings