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Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing

Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing

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Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing is the material used to make rubber bands, and has a numerous industrial uses as well.  Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing is latex-free and offered in a wide range of sizes and colors. Can be cut to width or supplied in bulk lengths. Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing, or rubber band tubing, is sold in 50 lb cartons. The larger the width, the less total footage per box. Approximate length or per 50 lb carton is listed on the 'size' drop-down menu.

  • Made of Synthetic Polyisoprene
  • Offered in a wide range of colors as well as numerous custom possibilities including metallic gold and silver, camo, and glow in the dark (subject to minimum order and production time.
  • Wall thickness is .040 to .065 (dependent on diameter)
  • Alternate Non-latex Stretch Gooch Tubing sizes and wall thicknesses possible with a 50 lb minimum
  • EPDM compound is also available
  • Tolerances are +/- 1/2" on the flat width and +/-.020 on the wall

Sizes listed are for a quantity of 50 lbs
Contact us for custom cut lengths and volume discounts