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Polyurethane Clear Tubing

Polyurethane Clear Tubing

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Polyurethane Clear Tubing is a highly flexible, kink-resistant tubing that is resistant to most fuels, oils, and petrochemicals. Polyurethane Clear Tubing will maintain its properties through a wide temperature range and is also fungus resistant. FDA compliant and resistant to alcohols, polyurethane tubing can be used in many brewing applications. Our standard Polyurethane Clear Tubing is an ether based compound. Ester based compounds are available by special order, minimums may apply.

  • Low gas and vapor permeability
  • NSF61 and FDA compliant
  • High compression strength
  • Low compression set
  • Low extractability levels
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Naturally transparent
  • Temperature range -40°F to +165°F

Sizes where OD is listed first are designed for push-in fitting use

Ester base clear polyurethane tubing and braided (reinforced) polyurethane available by quote. Please contact us.